Current Events

The date has been chosen for our 15th Annual Wings of Charity Gala! All are invited to go through the link above to the Gala webpage where you can purchase tickets, sponsor the Gala at different levels, and get excited for what is shaping up to be a wonderful evening!

Hurricane IRMA Disaster Relief

Our disaster relief fundraiser for the Hurricane Irma victims of Immokalee, Florida was a huge success! Thank you to all those who donated their time, effort, money, and supplies to aid these families. Below are pictured a number of the volunteers who worked hard to pack up the supplies in Akron, OH and help unpack them when they arrived in Florida. 

the HALO Foundation Mission

HALO exists to develop students as servant leaders by recognizing specific overlooked needs in the community and illuminating the selfless example of the heroes of Flight 93 as our model.

Our Story

The Halo Foundation was founded in 2003 as a not-for-profit corporation. We have strongly advocated disaster relief, service projects for youth, and distribution of food and other resources to the needy. With the youthful energy and mature wisdom of intergenerational volunteers, we respond to individual and group needs through our programs and collaboration with like-minded organizations.